FOREVR builds emerging VR/AR media, But differently. In the next 5 years we will see films (&VR) completely made with video assets in 3D environments - specifically for emerging interactive mediums. This needs 360º photogrammetry, shot at 24 frames a second, which means a multiple camera rig and big data array. But there are other methods that need to be explored as well. They should come not just from technologists but from storytellers and critical thinkers. We feel we have an advantage coming from academia. We can focus on building the vocabulary as we are building the system. Being stealth, we are agile and can rapidly prototype; and even experiments can bring in business. @ FOREVR, we’re starting to explore the pipeline to create these amazing experiences and we are fortunate to have other parts of the NYU community (ITP / Poly / Graduate Film School / Magnet) to guide us.


A whole new type of VR is coming. Narrative and information design completely change with haptic touch & maneuverable storyworlds. We feel that as we interact physically in new VR spaces, what we experience may have a different density and depth. When you give people narrative objects to play with and assemble tactilely, you make work that allows people to be expressive and co create narrative. This will only increase as we make these environments social. And that's a whole new ballgame in storytelling. This is like the early days of Cinema; we feel we see the magnitude of what’s happening and are excited to explore it technically. But even more, we are excited to explore it critically, like the ‘Cahiers du Cinema’ examined film in the 1950’s and 60’s, creating a new wave.